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Fall Vegetable Plants

We have chosen the best vegetable plants & varieties for flavor as well as for being easy to grow!-Colorful, flavorful and with outstanding taste, all of the vegetables listed below are Certified Organically Grown and Non GMO. Our plants are growing in 4.5" square pots, check each individual plant description for plant counts per pot. We do not recommend separating our plants but suggest planting them directly as they are planted in our pots. We have had great success planting this way.

arugula plants
Arugula Plants

Arugula is easy to grow but prefers cooler temperatures. Arugula plants are similar to lettuce it will grow quickly and leaves should be picked early for the most tender flavor. Our arugula plants for sale are seeded with at least 2 plants in each pot.


french filet bean plants
Beans - French Filet

French filet beans are very thin, tender and smaller than regular green beans. They grow as bush-type plants instead of climbing-type plants. Comes with 2 plants per pot. Harvest in 45-55 days.


Beets plants mixed
Beets - Mixed Colors

This beautiful collection of beets have edible green leaves and a mix of red, spiral red, and golden colored flesh! Very sweet and delicious. Our beet plants for sale come with 3 plants per pot.


Broccoli plants
Broccoli Plants

Amadeus broccoli plants are an early variety. It has beautiful dark green heads and also produces additional side shoots after the tops are harvested. Large plants with full sized heads. Great flavor when you grow your own organic broccoli plants! Mature heads in 55-60 days. 2 plants per pot


Broccolini plants
Broccolini Plants

Our Broccolini plants are a unique variety. It is a cross of Broccoli with a Chinese kale which makes it have smaller heads and long slender sweet stalks with great flavor. If harvested 1-2 times per week plants will bear well for 4-6 weeks. Comes with 2 plants per pot.


brussels sprouts plants
Brussels Sprouts

We sell the Nelson variety of Brussels Sprouts. Flavorful, medium-green, with smooth sprouts which mature remarkably early. A vigorous, easy-to-grow, spring vegetable garden plant that is a compact variety for diverse climates.


cabbage plants

Our cabbage plants have tender 3 to 4 lb. heads which are 6-8 across and very good for home growing. Early variety for cool season harvest. Cold hardy in the south through the winter months. Seeded with 2 plants in each pot. 75 days to harvest size.


Cauliflower Cheddar
Cauliflower - Cheddar

Cheddar heirloom cauliflower plants are a variety that has a gorgeous orange color. Fantastic taste and high in beta-carotene. This variety is high in beta-carotene and best for fall growing. 1 plant per pot.


cauliflower plants
Cauliflower - Snowball

The popular Snowball cauliflower is an heirloom variety. These cauliflower plants have large heads and excellent flavor. This variety is self blanching and early. Comes with 2 plants per pot. Harvest in 70-75 days


collard greens plants
Collard Greens

A great southern, Georgia-type favorite of collard greens. These collard greens plants have a good resistance to heat and cold weather - grows through the winter. Comes with 2 plants in each pot. 50 days to maturity.


bulbing fennel plants
Florence Fennel

Florence fennel is the Italian bulbing Finocchio Fennel. These fennel plants taste slightly anise and makes a beautiful bulb delicious in salads. Seeded with 2 plants in each pot. Fennel is a long season plant but can be harvested early for "baby" fennel bulbs.


Portuguese Kale
Kale - Biera

Portuguese kale plants have beautiful wide, oval, dark green leaves with white ribs showing through. Plant this plant early as it tolerates frosts and freezes. Grows through the winter in southern areas! Comes with 2 plants per pot. Harvest at 30 days baby sized, 65 days mature.


Red Kale plants
Kale - Red

A beautiful purple-red kale with very curly tender leaves. Red Kale has a wonderful flavor either raw or cooked. Comes with 2 plants per pot. Harvest 21 days baby sized, 50 days full size.


Kale Tuscan plants
Kale - Tuscan

Tuscan Kale, also known as Black Kale, have beautiful ruffled, dark green leaves. Plant Kale early as it tolerates frosts and freezes. Grows through the winter in southern areas! Comes with 2 plants per pot. Harvest at 30 days baby sized, 65 days mature.


Leeks garden plants
Leek Plants

Organically grown, our leek plants have long white shafts have a dark blue/green upright flag. The 12-14 inch shaft provides a distinctive flavor to your soups and salads. 2 leeks per pot. Mature in 75-85 days


butterhead lettuce plants
Lettuce - Butterhead

Great color and smooth, non-bitter taste this Butterhead variety has a light green round head with soft leaves and a yellow center. Seeded with 2 plants in each pot. Harvest leaves as early as 40 days, full heads 55 days.


red leaf lettuce plants
Lettuce - Cherokee Red Leaf

Large open heads of gorgeous dark red ruffled lettuce. Beautiful in salads and sweet flavored. Tolerates light frosts without a problem. Easy to grow. At least 2 plants per pot.


Red Romaine Lettuce plants
Lettuce - Red Romaine

Pomegranate Crunch is a stunning mini red romaine with speckled green hearts and smooth texture. Vivid red outer leaves and sparkling green interiors. Faster growing and more open habit than most other red romaines for a foolproof, disease-resistant combination.


romaine lettuce plants
Lettuce - Romaine

An open-hearted French Romaine type lettuce that is very well suited to warm growing conditions. Tolerates light frosts without a problem. Seeded with 2 plants in each pot. CROP FAILURE


bunching onion plants
Onions - Bunching Green

Our Organic bunching onions or scallions are mild and tasty. These are an essential ingredient in Asian Mexican and American foods. Seeded with at least 5 plants in each pot. Harvest anytime like chives


garden pea plants
Peas - Garden

Sweet garden peas are easy to grow and taste wonderful! This variety grows 4-5 in. pods with 8-9 plump, delicious dark green peas inside. Equally tasty fresh, canned or frozen. Comes with 3 plants per pot. Ready in only 60 days


sugar snap peas plants
Peas - Sugar Ann Snap

Sugar Ann is a sweet and tender snap pea on vigorous bushy plants that grow to only 24" tall, heavy yields of sweet edible pods. A great home garden variety. Organically grown with 3 seeds planted in each pot, for a total of 3 plants. 62 days to maturity.


spinach plants
Spinach Plants

Spinach is best in the cooler weather of early Spring or Fall and ours is a delicious hybrid variety with large dark green slightly curled leaves. Seeded with 2 plants in each pot.


Swiss chard plants
Swiss Chard - Bright Lights

Beautiful and sweet this rainbow colored chard is a great addition to the garden for cool season growing. 2 plants seeded in each pot. Harvest baby leaves in 28 days, mature bunches in 55 days.