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We Guarantee Our Plants

To arrive healthy and ready to plant in your garden or you will receive replacements from us immediately.

Growing Tip No. 12

"When you plan your garden layout, make sure to allow room for tall plants in the back, away from shorter ones so they don't get shaded out."


Herb Gift Baskets

Our selection of Herb Garden Gift Baskets come with potted, certified organic plants set into a basket (with no additional soil mix). We recommend planting in the ground or indoors in pots within a couple of weeks of receiving them.

4 Herb Rope Basket
4 Herb Rope Basket

A beautiful woven rope basket comes filled with 4 certified organic herbs of your choice from our list of over 12 different varieties! Choose your own herb selections!


6 Herb plant Rope Basket
6 Herb plant Rope Basket

This beautiful woven basket filled with 6 fragrant herb plants will be the perfect gift.


Toolbox 3 Herb Set
Rustic Red Toolbox with Herbs

Rustic Red Metal Toolbox holds 3 herbs and this beautiful set fits perfectly on a windowsill! This cute set provides fresh herbs right in your kitchen where you cook! 


Rustic Wire Basket 3 Herb set
Rustic Wire Basket 3 Herb set

Our beautiful Rustic Wire Basket Herb set is so nicely made and fits any farmhouse decor. Perfect on a patio or in a sunroom, choose any 3 of our certified organic herb plants.


Wire Gathering Basket 6 Herb set
Wire Gathering Basket 6 Herb set

A beautiful wire basket is perfect for carrying to the garden to bring in the harvest. Comes with 6 certified organically grown herb plants of your choice and growing instructions.


Homegrown Tin Trug with 6 Herbs Kit
Homegrown Tin Trug with Herbs

We took this cute tin bucket and added our own organic herbs for a fun kitchen garden. Makes a great gift for your garden-loving friends!


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