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Aged Tin 4 plant set
Aged Tin 4 plant set

Aged Tin 4 plant set

SKU: 2573 Recommended ship date: Sep 23, 2014
This beautifully aged rustic tin tray with is so pretty and you will love how it looks with our fragrant herb plants. It makes a wonderful gift and comes with 4 certified organically grown herb plants of your choice and growing instructions.

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Comes with 4 Organically grown herb plants in 4.5" square pots and growing instrucions

Your herb plants can be grown in a pot, a large container, or in the ground. For planting herbs in containers, you will need a pot at least 6-8 inches in diameter for each plant. Large pots are better because plants will eventually grow as much as 2 feet high and can grow out of an 8 inch pot quickly. Herbs also do very well in window boxes or large planter boxes, and if you plant near your kitchen you will be more likely to use them in your cooking. You can plant directly into your garden soil but make sure to loosen the soil at least 12 inches deep so the roots can penetrate the soil and take up water. Allow plenty of room per plant for the best success. You should add a small amount of organic fertilizer for vegetables, according to package directions. You can grow herbs in your kitchen but make sure they get plenty of light and if they are in a sunny window watch out for burning by the summer heat coming through the glass.

Keep in mind that herbs can be annuals, perennials or biennials and have different life spans. Summer annuals grow best only in the warm months when nights are above 50 degrees. Perennials will survive winter in most areas of the US. although some will be completely dormant until spring. Plants should get approx. 4 hours of sunshine each day or filtered light all day long. Most plants will appreciate a bit of cool shade during hot summer months in the afternoon hours. Water the plants when the soil becomes dry on top and be careful not to over water as that is the number one herb killer. Do not leave them sitting in a tray of water.

To harvest, simply cut off about 1/3 of the branches when the plant reaches at least 6-8" tall. Cut close to a leaf intersection and your plants will regrow very quickly. Some plants such as parsley and dill have different growth habits and need to have the oldest branches removed leaving the new growing point intact so the plant can regrow.