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To arrive healthy and ready to plant in your garden or you will receive replacements from us immediately.

Growing Tip No. 12

"Herbs are very easy to grow with a little sunshine, soil that drains well, some watering, and a little fertilizer or compost"

Canning & Cooking Tomato plants

Perfect for pasta sauce, salsa, marinara, pizza sauce, and soups! These are the meaty, low seed tomatoes, best for cooking because their flavor is intensified when the moisture is cooked away. Most can be eaten as fresh sliced tomatoes but they really shine as the workhorses of the garden producing loads of fruit to save for the winter! Certified organically grown as single plants in 4.5" pots

Jersey Devil Tomato

Jersey Devil Tomato    Available to ship: Feb 23, 2015 - May 19, 2015
This American heirloom variety became popular many years ago and produces an abundant crop of 5-6" long, tapered, bright red, paste tomatoes with a pointed end, perfect for salsa.

Super San Marzano

Super San Marzano    Available to ship: Feb 23, 2015 - May 19, 2015
This is a wonderful version of San Marzanos that are great for canning, tomato paste, salsas, or any recipe that requires cooking which brings out the sugar in the fruit.

Big Italian Plum Tomato

Big Italian Plum Tomato    Available to ship: Feb 23, 2015 - May 19, 2015
Delicious canned, Big Italian Plum is a wonderful eating tomato, perfect in quick pasta sauces and fantastic on pizza this tomato is a real winner all the way around.

Italian Red Pear Tomato

Italian Red Pear Tomato    Available to ship: Feb 23, 2015 - May 19, 2015
Large harvests of 10-12 oz. bright red tomatoes that are meaty with very few seeds. These are the perfect tomatoes to turn into a simmering pot of sauce.

Juliet Tomato

Juliet Tomato    Available to ship: Feb 23, 2015 - May 19, 2015
Juliet tomato plants produce an adorable little plum sized tomato (being sold as Mini San Marzano) 1 1/2- to 2-ounce crack resistant fruit great for salads, roasting or drying.