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Garda Dibble Seed Planting Tool
Garda Dibble Seed Planting Tool

Garda Dibble Seed Planting Tool

SKU: 1861 Recommended ship date: Nov 30, 2015
The Garda Dibble quickly makes  straight, evenly-spaced holes for sowing seeds in small gardens, creating neat rows and maximizing planting space while saving energy, time and money (no more crooked plantings, digging holes one-by-one, wasted seeds or crowded plants). It's perfect for small urban gardens, suburban plots, raised beds, containers, square-foot patches, and even salad tables.  6" X 6" with 16 removeable pegs.
Compact and Lightweight   Easy to Use and Store Away
Strong and Durable            Built to Last with Tough Plastic
Ergonomic Design              Comfortable Repeated Use with Minimal Effort.
Fast Clean-up                     Rinse with a Garden Hose or in the Sink
Removable Pegs                Change Spacing Based on Plant Type

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"Great Product!"

Everyday Gardener on 8/28/2015

Comments: The Garda Dibble is very useful little tool that saved me time, wasted seeds and kept my plantings nice and straight.

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