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To arrive healthy and ready to plant in your garden or you will receive replacements from us immediately.

Growing Tip No. 12

"Mulching is so important to success in the garden. If you add just 2-3" of bulky organic material like hay or straw, your plants will be happier and healthier."

Garlic for Fall

Garlic for Fall

Our seed potatoes are grown using all natural methods but are not certified organic. Our onion plants are all certified organic but our Sweet Potatoes are not certified organic at this time.

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Seed Garlic - Music

   Available to ship: Sep 12, 2016 - Oct 17, 2016
Porcelain Hardneck type Music garlic is cold hardy, slightly spicy, incredibly flavorful. Easy to grow, great "classic" garlic flavor! Porcelain garlics may be the most beautiful of all types.

Seed Garlic - Nootka Rose

   Available to ship: Sep 12, 2016 - Oct 17, 2016
An heirloom softneck silverskin from Washington State, this garlic has 5 layers and up to 15-24 cloves.

Seed Garlic - Romanian Red

   Available to ship: Sep 12, 2016 - Oct 17, 2016
This is a Porcelain variety that started out in Romania and was imported to Canada. This garlic usually has about 4 or 5 cloves to each bulb and is described as being "hot and pungent with a healthy, long lasting bite" .

Shallots - French Red

   Available to ship: Sep 19, 2016 - Oct 10, 2016
French Red Shallots are an indispensable staple in French cuisine. Excellent mild, rich onion flavor. 1/3-1/2 lb per bag, Organically grown!

Seed Garlic - Silver White

   Available to ship: Sep 12, 2016 - Nov 15, 2016
Silver White Garlic is probably the easiest variety to grow all over the US, and does very well in the South.

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