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Great Big Tomatoes Liquid Compost
Great Big Tomatoes Liquid Compost
Great Big Tomatoes Liquid Compost
Great Big Tomatoes Liquid Compost
Great Big Tomatoes Liquid Compost
Great Big Tomatoes Liquid Compost
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Great Big Tomatoes Liquid Compost

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Grow Big Tomatoes with our All Natural Plant Food

Whether you are growing heirloom tomatoes or any other variety of tomatoes, using Great Big Tomatoes Liquid Organic Compost will ensure that your garden or container soil will help maximize plant and fruit growth.

Our formulation for tomatoes includes beneficial microbes, humic acid and minor nutrients plus a large dose of a specially fermented biotic solution intended to boost the soil microbial population and help suppress disease.

Great Big Tomatoes Liquid Organic Compost will provide the following benefits:

  • Increased tomato set and harvest
  • Better color and bigger size
  • Improved uniformity
  • Longer shelf life
  • Less insect infestations and disease
  • More nutritious tomatoes

  • Works great for all our plants, not just tomatoes! Concentrated, add 4 oz. to 1 gallon of water. This is a quart sized bottle Choose gallon size bottles
    Great Big Plants and Great Big Tomatoes Energy Drinks for Plants are organic liquid compost mixtures. Liquid Compost is mixed with the soil to improve its structure, increase the amount of organic matter, and provide the soil nutrients needed for strong and healthy plants.

    *Easy to use due to its liquid form.
    * Can be used when bag compost would be highly inefficient.
    * Enables gardeners to maximize plant growth potential.
    * Turns soil into a rich and healthy environment.
    * Helps problem plants.
    * Works as a plant growth accelerator.
    * Adds nutrients to plants through soil.
    * Unlocks soil and plant potential.
    * Tested by independent laboratory as being free of plant and animal pathogens.



    4 oz. Great Big Tomatoes
    1-gallon water.

    Apply 1x every 2 weeks during growing season.
    Apply 1x per month thereafter.

    With a lot of love and a little help from Great Big Tomatoes you can help nurture your tomato plants to grow big tomatoes that not only taste great, but look great, too. Great Big Plants is environmentally safe and approved for organic gardening.

    We recommend one quart of our Great Big Tomatoes Organic Liquid Compost concentrate for three plants during the season. One gallon of our concentrate will take care of twelve plants.

    Great Big Tomatoes is not a source of N-P-K (Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium), major nutrients found in most popular fertilizers. We recommend you use an organic tomato fertilizer, follow directions and do not over fertilize. If you supply the plant with more nitrogen than it needs, you could end up with lots of beautiful green tomato leaves and not very many tomatoes.

    How Does it Work?

    Great Big Tomatoes Organic Liquid Compost is formulated specially for tomatoes and is easy to apply. Either dip the roots of new plants into a mixture of Great Big Tomatoes and water before planting, or douse the soil around the base of your plants with the mixture.

    Ingredients include beneficial micro-organisms, trace minerals and micro-nutrients and humic acid. The liquid mixture will flow immediately to the root zone and begin to provide benefits right away. The micro-organisms will convert existing nutrients (such as any N-P-K fertilizer already present) and the micro-nutrients in the Great Big Tomatoes mixture into a form that is available for uptake by the roots. The humic acid will also act as a food source (carbon) to help the micro-organisms flourish and help drive the nutrient cycle in the root zone. This is especially important when gardeners use the slower-to-convert organic sources of N-P-K. The plant will need these major nutrients converted into a bio-available form in time for the plant's grand growth phase. The interaction between the roots and micro-organisms also involves biochemical reactions and exudates by the roots and the micro-organisms.

    Results will include more vigorous root growth, better soil structure, a wider range of available nutrients and better nutrient uptake by the tomato plant. Look for healthier, stronger and bigger tomato plants and bigger, tastier tomatoes.

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