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We Guarantee Our Plants

To arrive healthy and ready to plant in your garden or you will receive replacements from us immediately.

Growing Tip No. 12

"Fertilizing regularly is very important. I love using worm castings for this purpose because I can add it anytime and never overfeed. It works like compost and feeds too"

Herbs In the Kitchen

Choose from these categories for the best kitchen products including Herb Kitchen Garden Sets.

Ceramic Chef's Knife

Ceramic Chef's Knife    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
This perfectly sized 6" chef's knife is ideal for everyday use and will stay sharp longer than regular steel knives. They will not rust, stain or hold germs.

Lavender Flowers in a French Pot

Lavender Flowers in a French Pot    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
Perfect for a Holiday gift, Bathroom or Kitchen decoration this bouquet of dried lavender flowers is so fragrant! Placed into a French flower gathering pot, it is rustic and beautiful for any location.
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Free with $100 of plants Kitchen Grab Bag

Free with $100 of plants Kitchen Grab Bag    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
We will choose a Kitchen grab bag from our selection of gadgets (valued at $10 or less) as a gift for you when you order $100 or more in plants. One free gift per customer please.

Farmers Market China Baskets

Farmers Market China Baskets    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
Rekindle the joy of farm-fresh foods with "baskets" that replicate the traditional shapes found at your favorite farmers' markets.

Fresh Herb Gift set

Fresh Herb Gift set    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
This wonderful new 3 piece set comes with our multi-blade pair of herb snips to cut herbs in the garden, herb scissors for chopping them in the kitchen and an Herb Keeper which keeps your herbs fresh in the refrigerator.

Fresh Herb Keeper

Fresh Herb Keeper    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
The tips of the stems stay in the bottom container with water, the tops stay dry and moist in the top part. A great new invention for keeping your herbs fresh for weeks.

Herb Drying Rack

Herb Drying Rack    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
For drying freshly cut home grown herbs so they can be stored and used all year.

Lemon or Lime Juicer

Lemon or Lime Juicer    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
Indispensable tool for juicing lemons quickly and in large quantities. Heavy steel is coated to keep it easy to clean and long lasting.
On Sale

Herb Scissors

Herb Scissors    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
This fantastic new product is actually 5 blades which makes quick work of snipping fresh herbs.

The Best Garlic Press

The Best Garlic Press    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
Beautiful high quality aluminum garlic press has a non stick finish and forms to your hand making it easy to use and fast too.

Herb Snips

Herb Snips    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
Zyliss is well known for quality scissors and knives and this lightweight easy to use set of snips is just perfect for herb harvesting.

Salt Keeper

Salt Keeper    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
Beautiful clear glass salt keeper with an old fashioned style sits next to the stove and keeps salt clean and handy to use. Large 3.5" diameter.
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60 minute Timer

60 minute Timer    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
Retro little timer always works great and you can carry it with you! Ours gets used for timing the watering in the garden as well as baking.
On Sale

Pastry Mat

Pastry Mat    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
Measure pie crusts perfectly, shape cookies and it even has recipes printed on it for the basics.
On Sale

Non stick Rolling Pin

Non stick Rolling Pin    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
Excellent for cookies, pastry, pasta and pies this 10" Non-stick barrel with beautiful Hardwood handles has an 18" overall length.
On Sale

Spice Mortar and Pestle

Spice Mortar and Pestle    Recommended ship date: Sep 15, 2014
Easy to grind, this uniquely shaped mortar and pestle works wonderful for herbs and spices, especially dry herbs. Keep it handy for so many uses!
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