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Iron with Canvas handles 4 Herb Planter
Iron with Canvas handles 4 Herb Planter

Iron with Canvas handles 4 Herb Planter

SKU: 2516 Recommended ship date: Feb 8, 2016
This beautiful rustic planter is the perfect size to fit on a windowsill or table and provides fresh herbs right in your kitchen, where you cook! This one comes with 4 certified organic herb plants and there is plenty of room for them to grow large.

13" x 7" x 5.5" planter set comes with four certified organic live plants, soil, and growing instructions. Grows great indoors or outside on a patio or deck.

Gardening indoors can be done easily if you have the proper conditions in your home. The key to success is having enough light for the plants to grow well and good drainage so plants can dry in-between watering.

West and South facing windows provide the most light so if your kitchen is too dark, you might try growing them on a sun porch, a dining room or even your living room. If the herbs are not getting enough light they will just stop growing and will eventually die. One of the best ways to display an indoor herb garden is a bakers rack in front of a sliding glass door or large window.

Herbs should only be watered when the soil feels very dry to the touch. This is very important to allow the roots to breathe in the soil. If it stays wet all of the time they will actually turn yellow and drown. Never keep the pots in a tray of water, always drain the water away after watering. Fertilize with a slow released type of plant food mixed into the soil that is good for general purpose plants or an organic fertilizer for vegetables.

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