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Kale - Biera
Kale - Biera

Kale - Biera

SKU: 1419 Available to ship: Sep 22, 2014 - Oct 1, 2014
Units in Stock: 202
Hard to find Portugese kale plants have beautiful wide, oval, dark green leaves with white ribs showing through. Plant this plant early as it tolerates frosts and freezes. Grows through the summer in northern areas! At least 3 plants per pot.
Harvest at 30 days baby sized, 65 days mature.

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Planting recommendation: Cool Season - Freeze Hardy
Time to harvest: 70-80 days
Size of Mature Plant: 18-24" diameter spacing

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Growing in 4.5" square pots and seeded with 2 plants in each pot.
Kale is easy to grow and will continuously produce leaves as long as weather conditions are not too warm. ™Kale can be planted in very early spring, well before your last frost. ™Allow about 18" of growing space and expect it to grow about 18" high.