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Lettuce - Butterhead
Lettuce - Butterhead
Lettuce - Butterhead
Lettuce - Butterhead
Lettuce - Butterhead
Lettuce - Butterhead
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Lettuce - Butterhead

SKU: 1483 Recommended ship date: Feb 15, 2016
Great color and smooth, non-bitter taste this butterhead variety has a light green round head with soft leaves and a yellow center. Seeded with 2 plants in each pot.

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Planting recommendation: Cool Season - Frost Hardy
Time to harvest: 50-60 days
Size of Mature Plant: 12-16" diameter spacing
Our Lettuces are grown in large 4.5" pots and have 2 plants per pot. They can be transplanted as is in a clump into the ground or into a container and do not need to be separated. Keep lettuces cool if necessary with partial shade and harvest for up to 2 months by clipping leaves as needed or harvest the entire head when approximately 10-12" wide.

Allow at least 6-12 inches in diameter per plant in the ground or in a pot. Keep lettuces well weeded to prevent the weeds from interfering with the lettuces growth. Part sunshine keeps them cooler longer and prevents early bolting or flowering. Plant them early or late in the season!

Always water low to the ground about once a week and never use sprinklers to water your vegetable garden as wet leaves can promote rotting leaves. You can cut the leaves when they are about 4-5 inches tall and the plants will grow new leaves within about 2 weeks. You do not have to harvest them all at once, just leave what you are not ready to use and cut them as needed.

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