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Plant Protection Fabric Medium weight
Plant Protection Fabric Medium weight

Plant Protection Fabric Medium weight

SKU: 1895 Recommended ship date: Feb 15, 2016
The ultimate in frost protection and insect protection as well as heat protection, this medium weight fabric measures 10' X 12' and can cover a large raised bed or two rows of plants easily. Water permeates right through it and some sunlight does too. Ideal for growing leafy greens in the wintertime. We love this stuff for protecting tomatoes from late frosts at night! For lighter weight, see Harvest Guard row cover fabric.
Measures 10' X 12' and can be easily tacked down with garden staples or pegs or just cover the edges with soil. You can also build a support out of wire or pvc that can make a lightweight tunnel to cover your crops. Clips and close pins hold it in place for pulling it back to harvest or letting sunshine in on warm days.
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