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Super San Marzano Tomato
Super San Marzano Tomato
Super San Marzano Tomato
Super San Marzano Tomato
Super San Marzano Tomato
Super San Marzano Tomato
Super San Marzano Tomato
Super San Marzano Tomato
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Super San Marzano Tomato

SKU: 1240 Available to ship: Feb 29, 2016 - May 24, 2016
Cooking brings out the sugar in the fruit, and Super San Marzanos are great for canning, making tomato paste or salsa or any recipe calling for cooked tomatoes. The Super San Marzano has high sugar content and is very high in pectin, giving sauces and pastes a natural creamy thickness. The tall, mostly determinate plants are quite disease resistant and load up with fruit for canning. 5 oz. VFN 80 days

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Planting recommendation: Warm Season last frost date
Color of fruit: Reds
Size of Fruit: Pear shaped Paste
Time to harvest: Mid Season
Size of Mature Plant: 18-24" diameter spacing
Growing Type: Determinate

Our tomato plants are approximately 6-12" tall and come in extra large 4.5 pots. Each plant is wrapped individually to hold in the soil and moisture. We ship in large pots to keep the stress of transport to a minimum. Our interior cartons are made to fit our plants.

Order any quantity you want, we don't require you to order by the dozen!

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"Sacred Super San Marzano"

Katherine on 2/9/2012

Comments: These are among our top favorite tomatoes (unfortunately that was also true for woodchucks last year). We eat them fresh, and when there are too many to eat, we roast them, with S&P & EVOO, at 400dg for 30-45 minutes. If there are still too many to eat, we free them in quart bags, and use them over the winter in sauces and stews. Unfortunately, like many Romas, they tend to get blossom end rot, but what they are usually is not unsalvageable, even so.

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"Tastiest for pizza!"

Nancy on 9/5/2008

Comments: Love them on a margherita pizza! This red beauty gives a fabulous tomato flavor and has been a good producer. One plant was not enough to eat our fill plus can some tomato paste, so I'll be getting several plants next spring!

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