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Sweet Baby Girl Tomato
Sweet Baby Girl Tomato

Sweet Baby Girl Tomato

SKU: 1250 Available to ship: May 4, 2015 - May 4, 2015
Sweet Baby Girl cherry tomatoes are a smaller more controllable sized plant which still produces tons of sweet flavorful fruit, but the plants only grow to about 4 feet tall. Perfect for containers and Earthboxes. Dark red fruits grow in long clusters and are sweet and flavorful. 65 days.

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Planting recommendation: Warm Season last frost date
Color of fruit: Reds
Size of Fruit: Small Cherry types
Time to harvest: Early Varieties
Size of Mature Plant: 18-24" diameter spacing
Growing Type: Indeterminate
Sorry this item is sold out for the season

Our tomato plants are approximately 6-12" tall and come in extra large 4.5 pots. Each plant is wrapped individually to hold in the soil and moisture. We ship in large pots to keep the stress of transport to a minimum. Our interior cartons are made to fit our plants.

Order any quantity you want, we don't require you to order by the dozen!

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"Good container tomato"

ATL grower on 2/12/2011

Comments: Grew in a container last summer here in ATL. They did very well. Steady production. Taste was far better than any store bought tomato, but was nothing that blew my mind. That being said, red cherry tomatoes are a staple and these are a good choice.

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Nancy on 7/9/2010

Comments: Easy to grow, tasty, and prolific. We have so many that I have oven-dried them with garlic and basil. A great snack!

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"Great snack!"

Laurie on 9/5/2008

Comments: My father said he lost weight this summer because he just ate these off the vine when he needed a snack! Sweet and juicy!

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Adam on 5/22/2008

Comments: May be unusual, but I have a sweet baby girl plant that is about 6 foot tall and producing like crazy already.

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"Yummy, easy cherry tomato"

Kelly on 4/30/2008

Comments: This produced into the fall in SE Va. Very easy and yummy tasting cherry tomato.

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