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Tasteful Vegetable Garden Plan 12 plants
Tasteful Vegetable Garden Plan 12 plants

Tasteful Vegetable Garden Plan 12 plants

SKU: 7501 Available to ship: Mar 15, 2016 - May 24, 2016
Purchase this plant combo and receive an entire organic garden in a box! The garden plan below can be ordered all together as one unit. This combo comes with enough plants to fill a 4' X 8' planting bed. Includes 12 vegetables, seeds for cucumbers, and a garden string trellis to support your climbing vegetable plants.

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Planting recommendation: Warm Season last frost date
Includes all the plants listed below:

  • 1 Better Boy Tomato plant
  • 1 Early Girl Tomato plant
  • 1 Sweet Million Tomato plant
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper plant
  • 1 Yellow Bell Pepper plant
  • 1 Jalapeno pepper plant
  • 1 Italian Zucchini pot (2 plants included)
  • 1 Italian Eggplant plant
  • 2 Green Pole Beans (at least 2-3 plants per pot)
  • 2 French Filet Bush Beans (at least 2-3 plants per pot)

Plus a bonus:
  • 1 package Cucumber seeds
  • 1 Garden String Trellis (for growing pole beans and cucumbers upright)
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