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The Tasteful Kitchen

Here at The Tasteful Garden we love to cook, it is our primary reason for gardening! We love the fragrances of harvesting vegetables and herbs for a meal, preparing foods using the freshest ingredients, and sharing our bounty from the garden with our friends and family. Other cultures have done this for centuries and our American heritage has always done the same in the past. Unfortunately, the modern family shops at the supermarket and has very little sense of where their food comes from.

So much of our produce comes from very far away in other countries which allows us to have a huge selection, but also requires longer storage times and different harvesting techniques which in turn decrease the quality and nutritional value of our food. Vegetable varieties are chosen for their long shelf life instead of the flavor and nutrition they provide.

Click here to view our recipe database and learn how to cook fantastic meals with fresh Herbs and Vegetables

Family Gardening

We want to bring back the family vegetable garden, encourage children and parents to garden together and learn about heritage gardening so that it can be passed along to future generations. The Heirloom varieties of vegetables are still available for us to grow which have better flavors and more nutrition than the vegetables in supermarkets. Spending family time in the garden, in the kitchen, and at the table is good for all of us and should be encouraged in our children.


Herbs in the Kitchen

Starting your own herb garden can be an excellent way to always have fresh herbs on hand for cooking. It's great for beginners since it's very easy to maintain. More experienced gardeners can increase the number of herbs they grow, or expand their plot of land or number of pots for herbs. Usually you'll end up with an overload of herbs that you can't use fast enough, which is a great problem to have! Personal Creations made an illustrated chart covering pairings between herbs and popular foods for delicious combinations. Having your own garden to harvest herbs from is great, but this is also a useful chart for those who buy their own. Try a new herb, or even a new pairing for a twist on one of your favorite foods. You can see it by clicking this image:



Stylish, Unique and Modern Products That You'll Love

For those who enjoy exploring new territory, decorating your home with tasteful unique products, especially when it comes to creating your garden space