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Growing Tip No. 12

"When you plan your garden layout, make sure to allow room for tall plants in the back, away from shorter ones so they don't get shaded out."

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The Tasteful Garden, in operation since May of 1996, is owned by Cindy & George Martin. We are located in Heflin, Alabama which is directly between Birmingham and Atlanta, Georgia.

We grow all varieties of culinary herbs and many types of heirloom and hybrid tomatoes and other gourmet vegetable and pepper varieties which are sold through our website and shipped all over the United States. We are now certified organic for everything we grow!

This is a video we made for Georgia Organics that talks about our farm and internet marketing for small farm operations which will show you a little bit about us and how we got started:

We enjoy growing some of our own food and hope to teach other beginner gardeners how to do the same. Our greenhouses are located on our 16 acre property where we have lived since July 2000 with chickens, cows, horses, dogs, & cats. As we are extremely busy here, getting our plants shipped all over the country, we are not open to the public for visiting but you are welcome to pick up your plants at our location on specified days in order to save shipping costs. Please order through our online catalog and choose Will Call as your shipping method.

How We Grow

We grow our plants using organic techniques and we fully support what we call "heritage gardening". This is gardening the old fashioned way by recycling farm or yard waste into compost and improving the soil instead of stripping the nutrients year after year. Plants grow healthier and stronger in good soil and need less pesticides because they have natural abilities to fight off pests. Heirloom varieties of vegetables bring diversity and flavors to the garden which also prevent diseases. Mulching, cover cropping and other organic techniques allow us to leave improved soil year after year for our grandchildren as well as have a better garden with delicious vegetables.

Our Growing Tips

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How We Cook

We love to cook and eat our vegetables from the garden but we also love to use fresh herbs to flavor our cooking and add nutrients as well. Healthy modern cooking calls for lighter more flavorful ingredients and fresh herbs can add so much more flavor to your recipes, without adding salt, sugar, or fats.

Our Online Store

Our online catalog also has Organic Fertilizers including the best natural Worm Castings, Gift Baskets, Garden tools and Kitchen gadgets as well as cooking and gardening books to provide more information about growing and using fresh herbs and vegetables. We offer lots of growing tips and recipes on our website to help new gardeners and cooks get started as well as offering some possibly new information for those who are more experienced gardeners.

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We are located at 973 County Road 8, Heflin, AL 36264 Call us at 256-403-3413

Our office hours are Central time 9-4 Monday-Friday.  Greenhouses are not open to the public.