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‘Planting Vegetable Plants at the right time for your area is crucial.  Make sure you check for the last frost date and watch the weather carefully before planting."

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Black Krim Tomato
sku: 1-1212a  

The Black Krim Heirloom tomato is dark purplish-red colored fruit with a rich, sweet flavor. Medium to large size, the color gets darker in hot sunny weather.

Shipping start date : 04/26/2021
Shipping end date : 06/21/2021
Planting recommendation : Warm Season last frost date
Type of Plant : Heirloom or Open Pollinated
Color of Fruit : Black and Purples
Size of Fruit : Medium to Large
Time to Harvest : Late Season
Size of Mature Plant : 18-24 diameter spacing
Growing Type : Indeterminate
Reg. Price:  $6.45
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Call it the Funky Russian, if you will. The Black Krim tomato plant is an heirloom originally from the Black Sea area, and the hotter the weather, the darker the tomato. Medium to large sized, it has a rich, sweet flavor. Maturity varies depending on weather conditions. 8 oz. Indeterminate; 75-90 days.

Growing Tomatoes requires a few basic things for success:

  • ·        Planting after your last frost date in Spring
  • ·        Good Soil, with enough room for each plant to grow, weed free
  • ·        6+ hours of sunlight
  • ·        At least 1” of rain per week or supplemental watering to achieve the same amount.
  • ·        Organic Vegetable Fertilizer blended for Tomatoes, with calcium included, used as directed.
  • ·        Strong Supports for the plants to grow on.
  • ·        Proper pH level from 5.5-6.2
  • ·        Daytime temperatures from 70-85, Nighttime temperatures 55-71 degrees for flowers to form fruit
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 Average Rating:  5 Star Rating
 based on 4 Customer Reviews  
   Rich Gorgeous Tomato, October 11, 2016  By Jill 
We grew one Black Krim bush in our back yard last season. It produced some of the best, tastiest tomatoes we've had yet. It has a mellow, meaty flavor that we liked best fresh, as it didn't impress us when we cooked it. It also added a rich color dimension to fresh salsa, as the flesh is dark burgundy. Be sure to plant early, as it produces all summer long. We planted a bit late, and it was the only plant that withstood the cold into some of autumn. Plenty of delicious fruit here!
   Most Favorite Ever, October 11, 2016  By Lydia 
I love these. They always do well and produce good tasting tomatoes.
   Awesomeness, October 11, 2016  By Leslie 
I love these. They always do well and produce good tasting tomatoes.
   Black Krim A Favorite, October 11, 2016  By Micehlle 
I grew three plants - in Massachusetts - they did very well and produced quite a lot the end of August beginning of September. Large tomatoes with heirloom flavor that need nothing added to them! Black Krim are best served sliced with a little sea salt, or cut up with cucumbers and sweet onion as a salad!