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We Guarantee Our Plants

will arrive healthy and ready to plant in your garden. If they do not, please contact us within 10 days of receiving your order, provide pictures of the damaged plants and we will get replacements shipped out as soon as possible.

Growing Tip No. 14

‘Planting Vegetable Plants at the right time for your area is crucial.  Make sure you check for the last frost date and watch the weather carefully before planting."

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To keep your basic information, name, email address, and phone numbers safe, your account is password protected. You can use any password over eight characters with at least 1 number.

We know how frustrating it is to forget your password, and we are working diligently to make it easier for you to reset it. The link below sends you an email immediately with a new password. These emails can sometimes be flagged as spam or are rejected by email providers. If you do not receive a password by email within a couple of minutes, check your junk mail folder. If the email is not there, either contact us through email or call us and we can reset your password immediately.

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Payment Methods

We offer you many different ways to pay for your plants: credit cards or PayPal securely online! Your payment is processed at the time you place your order.

Our payment options include:

The following Credit Cards:

Picking Up Orders

We are not open to the public for shopping or tours.

If you live nearby, have a minimum $100 order and would like to pick up at our location, we offer pick up on Fridays only by appointment. We can have your order ready on Friday from 9am-3pm on the week before you request your ship date. If you are picking up Friday the 8th of April, enter April 11th as your shipping date. Note, we are on Central Standard time.

Our address is 895 County Road 8, Heflin, AL 36264 and can be easily found with Google maps or GPS. Please call for an appointment and to notify us of your pick up order.

Making changes to your existing order

We are happy to make changes to your existing order as long as it has not been pulled for shipment. Our orders are pulled on Thursdays and Fridays for shipment the following Monday or Tuesday. Once the plants have been pulled for shipping, it is impossible for us to locate your order and exchange your plants, or to keep it from being wrapped and packaged.

You must call or email us with changes to your shipping date or additions to your order by 5:00 p.m. on the Wednesday before your scheduled shipping week.

Once orders have been processed and pulled, in order to prevent errors and keep our sanity, we are unable to reschedule orders for a later date.

Email us

Damaged Plants? Our Healthy Plant Guarantee!

We do our best to package your plants carefully and water them well before shipping, as a result 99 percent of our plants arrive in perfect condition. We always recommend a day or two of rest for them before you plant, especially if they look stressed from travel. Our guarantee is that you will receive healthy, viable plants; if you do not, we will be glad to replace them for you.

If your plants arrive looking damaged, the cause is typically one of the following:

Extremely cold weather caused your tomato plants to freeze in transit.

It is possible for tomato plants to freeze in transit when your requested ship date is too early for plants to safely travel to your area. We cannot guarantee safe transit when you request a shipping date that is earlier than our recommended safe dates.

Very hot weather can cause different - yet just as devastating - damage to tender young plants.

Even though we water well before we ship, very high temperatures in transit can cause your plants to arrive with dry soil and looking sad and wilted. Most times a good watering and some rest indoors for a day - away from the heat - will perk them up and they will look like new again. After a day or so, if they still look like an overcooked green bean, we need to replace them for you. We will do our best to send you exactly what you ordered on the next Monday after you contact us with a request to reship.

Request a Reship Now

Sometimes our plants are so big and healthy they get packed into boxes even though they are a bit taller than the box is.

As the plants travel to you, they continue to grow, and they may curl slightly inside the box. Although this looks pretty strange when they first come out, they straighten right up and become beautiful strong plants within a day or two, especially once they find the sunshine. We appreciate your patience with them before calling us for a reship. Give them time to recover from the trip and they will reward you with lots of vegetables.

If your stem is bent or broken, please Request a Reship Now

We care about security and privacy!

Be assured that all information about you that is sent to The Tasteful Garden is always kept completely confidential, and all transactions are done on a safe secure server to prevent access to your information by others. Your personal information and your email address are never sold to anyone.

Emails from us:

We scan all emails that are sent to you for viruses and worms with the latest technology available. We hate junk mail as much as anyone and value our privacy as well. We promise that we will never send you any unnecessary email. Our purpose in collecting your email address is to (1) make the shopping cart easy for you to use, (2) log in to manage your account, and (3) make communication with you about your orders more efficient. If you prefer to order by telephone, we are, of course, available to take your call at 256-403-3413.

If you choose not to receive our monthly newsletter, you can, of course, cancel your subscription at any time.

Payment Safety:

Payment by credit card or electronic check on our website is done with complete PCI-compliant software and security certification, and when you order online, we never see your credit card number. uses encryption that protects your personal information and your card information.

During the payment process, we ask for a billing address to make sure you are the cardholder and also a security code to ensure that you have the card in your possession. If there is a mismatch we are notified immediately. We contact you if we feel your card has been used fraudulently.

As an extra level of security, you may use PayPal for payments.

The best way to guarantee safe ordering is to order online so that you are the only one who ever has your card number. No one here has access to your personal credit card information.

We respect your privacy and ensure your security while shopping with The Tasteful Garden. If you have any further questions or would like to speak with us, just call customer service anytime at 256-403-3413.