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Growing Tip No. 12

"When you plan your garden layout, make sure to allow room for tall plants in the back, away from shorter ones so they don't get shaded out."

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Fruits, Berries and Strawberries

All Certified Organically Grown! Apples and grapes are dormant and can be shipped now or in Early Spring.  Berries begin shipping in February 2018. 

Apple Organic  trees
Apple Organic - Golden Delicious

Grow apple trees in your backyard orchard! These apples are great for backyard growing and will give you lots of apples through the season. Ripens late to mid-season. Medium to large fruits with bright yellow color.


Apple Organic  trees Granny Smith
Apple Organic trees-Granny Smith

Grow apple trees in your backyard orchard!  Granny Smith are large fruits with bright to yellowish green skin with tart sweet crisp flesh.  Very sweet when tree ripened and is an excellent keeper.  Very late season they like a long hot summer season.


Strawberries Organic - Bareroot
Strawberries Organic- Bareroot

Honeoye is a beautiful juicy strawberry good for freezing or fresh eating. Best in zones 3-8.  Bundles of 25 bareroot certified organic crowns will fill a space approximately 5 feet X 5 feet.


Organic Raspberry Plants
Raspberry Organic Plants

Red Raspberry plants are so wonderful and sweet. Floricane varieties start producing fruit in June and Primocane provides a second fruiting from early August through frost depending upon the variety. Great yields and large fruit perfect for backyard growing!


Blackberries Apache
Blackberries Thornless Organic

Our Blackberries are all vigorous thornless blackberries. They are growing in 1 gallon pots and will be just coming out of dormancy in early spring.


Northern Blueberries High Bush set of 2
Blueberries North High Bush set of 2

This is a set of two High bush blueberry plants. These are flavorful blueberries which are large, have wonderful flavor and good color. Certified Organically grown.


Southern Rabbiteye Blueberries set of 2
Blueberries Rabbiteye South set/2

These are sweet, juicy Rabbiteye blueberry plants which are large fruits with wonderful flavor and good color. Certified Organically grown. View your variety choices below.


Southern Blueberries High Bush
Blueberries South High Bush Set/2

This is a set of 2 Southern High bush blueberry plants. These are flavorful blueberries which are large, have wonderful flavor and good color. Certified Organically grown.


Container Blueberries Dwarf Bush
Container Blueberries Dwarf Bush

These Half-High bush or dwarf blueberry plants are best for growing in containers. In the ground, they can be grown down to zone 3. Single plants Certified Organically grown. Choose your variety


Grape Vine Organic Lakemont
Grape Vine Organic Thompson

Classic green seedless grape widely sold in supermarkets and providing the majority of raisons consumed.  The large clusters of small tender green amber fruits can be extremely sweet and delicious when allowed to ripen fully on the vine. Ripens best in long hot dry summer climates. Late season European. Zones 7-9.


Grape Vine Organic Flame
Grape Vine Organic Flame

Classic commercial variety! Vigorous heavily productive vine has medium sized red fruit with an excellent sweet and crisp flavor. Good for fresh eating or raisins. Early midseason European.  Zones 7-10.


Hardy Chicago Fig tree
Hardy Chicago Fig tree

The Hardy Chicago Fig is a large, long, purplish fruit with a strawberry red flesh. It is a very sweet, juicy, and a heavy producer. Certified Organic trees make a great gift!