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will arrive healthy and ready to plant in your garden. If they do not, please contact us within 10 days of receiving your order, provide pictures of the damaged plants and we will get replacements shipped out as soon as possible.

Growing Tip No. 14

‘Planting Vegetable Plants at the right time for your area is crucial.  Make sure you check for the last frost date and watch the weather carefully before planting."

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Garden Supplies & Composters

Enrich your gardening soil with our collection of composting supplies & accessories. Purchase your garden composters & composting supplies at Tasteful Garden!

Tin watering can
11" Tin Watering Can

What a great way to decorate you garden with this handsome vintage watering can. Adds a nice touch of rustic to a modern garden. Can be used as a watering can, decoration or as pot to plant a nice succulent, herb, or put some fresh cut flowers and bring it to the table. Unlimited uses.


Colorful Watering Cans Asst.
Colorful Watering Cans Asst.

Colorful Watering Cans in 4 assorted bright colors so you never lose them!  This functional 4 liter (approx 1 gallon) watering can be perfect for placement in the yard, in the garden, or on the patio


Designer Watering Cans
Designer Watering Cans

This perfect sized watering can is functional and beautiful. Easy pour spouts make watering easy with a touch of class. Iron Stone quality with three layers of paint. The feel of ceramic with the easy light use of metal. Rust resistant, Lightweight, Easy pour.


Watering Timer
Watering Timer

This easy to use timer makes sure you water the exact amount of time you need. Just attach it to your hose bib and attach your hose to the other end for set up. Set it for up to 2 hours and go put your feet up and have a cold drink.


Large Kraft Paper Roll for weed control
Large Kraft Paper Roll for weeds

Made of completely recycled material there are many uses for it but it makes a great weed blocking mulch and it breaks down in the soil slowly over the summer so you don't have to take it out at the end of the gardening season, just leave it in.  Comes in 3' rolls or 4' rolls that are 720' long, call us for larger sizes. allowed for use in organic gardening.


Easy Path fold out pathway
Easy Path fold out pathway

Easy to use and easy to store, EasyPath is an instant, fold-out pathway that is ideal for placing in between rows of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more.


Automator Red Tomato Tray 3 pack
Automator Tomato Tray 3 pk

The Automator reflects red light back to tomato plants which helps stimulate growth and has a split tray design for easy installation around plant stems for keeping weeds away and water to the root zone.


Harvest Guard Row Cover - lightweight
Harvest Guard Row Cover -light

Protect your garden from light frost, insects, heat from too much sunshine, or wind with this light weight spun fabric. Measures 5 feet wide and is easy to cut to size.


Holographic Scare Tape
Holographic Scare Tape

These rolls of holographic tape are the best way to safely keep birds and other critters away from your fruit. Reflective scarecrow tape with "moving" holograms helps protect gardens as it flashes dramatically in the sunlight


Dramm Gardening Apron
Dramm Gardening Apron

The ColorWearTM Garden Apron by Dramm protects your clothes while keeping your tools within easy reach.