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To arrive healthy and ready to plant in your garden or you will receive replacements from us immediately.

Growing Tip No. 12

"When you plan your garden layout, make sure to allow room for tall plants in the back, away from shorter ones so they don't get shaded out."

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Grow Vegetables from Seeds

Grow your own vegetables from seeds, our vegetable seed varieties provide you with everything you need to grow a successful vegetable crop.

Seed Starting Kit
Seed Starting Kit

 Grow your own plants from seeds! Easy to do with this little set which holds 24 growing cubes to get your plants off to a good start.


Bush Baby Zucchini
Seeds Squash - Bush Baby Zucchini

Bred to produce smaller fruit, the prime size for picking Bush Baby is 2 by 6 inches. Compact, bush-type plants are right at home in the garden or a large container.

Includes 12 seeds


Seeds Squash - Yellow Crookneck

Gorgeous yellow crookneck variety of squash is a favorite type for grilling or chopping into salads.

Includes 12 seeds


Seeds Watermelon - Moon & Stars

This is an old heirloom variety of watermelon that has yellow "stars" and "moons" all over its dark green, almost black rind. The dark red flesh inside is sweet and juicy. They grow on 6 foot vines and fruits average 10-20 lbs.

Includes 8 seeds