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‘Planting Vegetable Plants at the right time for your area is crucial.  Make sure you check for the last frost date and watch the weather carefully before planting."

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Herb Plants

Our Culinary Herb Garden Plant Collection, it's all about the flavor! We have chosen the best varieties for flavor as well as for being easy to grow. Fragrant, flavorful, and with outstanding taste, all the herbs listed below are Certified Organically Grown and Non GMO

ChivesAvailable thru Dec.17th!

Onion Chives grows like a clump of grass and has a mild onion flavor and pink flowers. Fantastic flavor for salads, baked potatoes or just toss into a green salad.


Large Rosemary Plant
Gallon Rosemary PlantAvailable thru Dec.17th!

This Rosemary has long thick leaves and light blue flowers.  Comes 1 gallon pots


Lavender - ProvenceAvailable thru Dec.17th!

Provence Lavender Plants are very fragrant with soft, grey leaves and dark lavender colored spikes of flowers in spring. From the Provence region of France.


Marjoram - SweetAvailable thru Dec.17th!

Sweet Marjoram is one of our favorite herbs. It can be used in place of oregano or basil in most recipes and tastes fantastic.


Mint - SpearmintAvailable thru Dec.17th!

Spearmint Plants produce wonderfully fragrant leaves that are perfect for savory recipes, teas, salad dressings, and mint jelly.


Mint - OrangeAvailable thru Dec.17th!

Our Orange Mint Plants are wonderful, prolific, and full flavored with a bergamot-type orange flavor.


Mint - Peppermint
Mint - PeppermintAvailable thru Dec.17th!

Our Peppermint Plants are a sweet mint variety that tastes just like a peppermint candy. Makes a nice tea great with all types of desserts and fruits.


Oregano - GreekAvailable thru Dec.17th!

Greek Oregano Plants are the best variety for true Greek or Italian flavor. This is the best cooking type of Oregano.


Parsley - ItalianAvailable thru Dec.17th!

Our Italian Parsley Plants are a huge variety called Giant Italian, full of flavor.


RosemaryAvailable thru Dec.17th!

Our Tuscan Blue Rosemary Plants have long, thick leaves and light blue flowers.


Thyme - EnglishAvailable thru Dec.17th!

Our English Thyme Plants are smaller low growing plants with tiny leaves and an intense flavor. Essential in chowders, and delicious sprinkled on potatoes for roasting. One of the best thymes for culinary use.


Thyme - FrenchAvailable thru Dec.17th!

French thyme, from Provence, has a very fragrant full flavor which is a real treat! Perfect for chicken and excellent combined with cilantro or dill on fish.


Thyme - Lemon variegated
Thyme - Golden LemonAvailable thru Dec.17th!

Our Golden Lemon Thyme Plants are the same size as English Thyme but have a strong lemon flavor and pretty variegated leaves.


Large Pot Lavender - Provence
Gallon Lavender - ProvenceAvailable thru Dec.17th!

Very fragrant plant with soft, grey leaves and dark lavender colored spikes of flowers in spring. From the Provence region of France. Comes 1 gallon pots 


Aloe VeraAvailable for Spring!

Our Aloe Vera Plants come in a large 4.5" sized container and are great for growing outdoors during the warm season or indoors during the rest of the year.


Basil -  Sweet Genovese
Basil - Sweet GenoveseAvailable for Spring!

Sweet Genovese Basil Plants have a sweet full flavor, with beautiful 2 inch long leaves.  Perfect for Pesto and Caprese salads!


Basil - African Blue
Basil - African BlueAvailable for Spring!

African Blue Basil is a shrubby type basil plant which can get up to 4 feet high and across in the ground. Technically a perennial, if you donâ€â„¢t get a freeze where you live, you can grow it year round. It has lovely pink flowers and a deep musky clove flavor and makes a nice fragrant potted plant indoors or out. 


Mint - ChocolateAvailable for Spring!

Chocolate Mint is a wonderful peppermint plant variety that smells just like chocolate and has some sweetness too.


Parsley - Curly

Our Curly Parsley Plants are a great variety and they are pretty and flavorful as well. Easy to grow and can be used for almost anything in cooking.


Basil - LemonAvailable for Spring!

Organically grown Lemon Basil Plants have a bright citrus flavor and are long lasting, easy to grow plants. 


Basil - Lime
Basil - LimeAvailable for Spring!

Lime Basil is a delicious citrus flavored basil plant which is great for fish. It has a great lime scent and flavor which is not too overpowering for mild dishes.


CilantroAvailable for Spring!

Our Organically grown, Spicy Cilantro Plants produce leaves that are wonderful for Thai, Mexican and Curry dishes. Pick the leaves as it grows. Very short lived annual plant.  


DillAvailable for Spring!

Our Dill Plants are wonderfully fragrant and are terrific with Salmon or in cucumber salads as well as for pickling. Great variety for pots. 


Basil - Purple RufflesAvailable for Spring!

Purple Ruffles Basil Plants are the most complex flavored Basil with a combination of sweet basil, anise and cinnamon but it never is overpowering.


Basil - Siam QueenAvailable for Spring!

Organically grown Thai Basil has a full intense licorice flavor and of course it accents Thai foods but it is great with all kinds of salads and stir fry dishes. Persian, Mediterranean and Indian cultures all use this type of basil.


Lemon VerbenaAvailable for Spring!

Organically grown Lemon verbena plants are used to make lemon zinger tea. Tender perennial with a very fragrant strong lemony flavor.


Sage - CommonAvailable for Spring

Common Sage Plants are the standard sage variety with long, gray leaves and pretty purple flowers on tall spikes.


Sage - Pineapple
Sage - PineappleAvailable for Spring!

Our pineapple sage plants will amaze you with its sweet scent and beautiful red flowers. It grows up to 8 feet tall and attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. 


Horseradish Plant
Horseradish Plant

Easy to grow and harvest. Beautiful perennial plants spread quickly. Dig up and harvest spicy tasty roots at the end of the growing season