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Growing Tip No. 14

‘Planting Vegetable Plants at the right time for your area is crucial.  Make sure you check for the last frost date and watch the weather carefully before planting."

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Herbs In the Kitchen

Add these helpful kitchen accessories to your order!

Choose from these categories for the best home kitchen accessories including Herb Kitchen Garden Sets. 

Herb Cutters
Herb Cutters

This patented hybrid cutting tool combines the benefits of scissors and a knife, providing optimal cutting or pruning accuracy in hard to reach areas. Ergonomically designed and shaped for comfort with integrated grip texture allowing for increased maneuverability. 


Herb Scissors
Herb Scissors

Slicing and dicing herbs is so much quicker with these bright green, multi blade, herb scissors. Just a quick snip! snip! and the herbs are in the sauce!


Heirloom Flavor
Heirloom Flavor

Yesterday's Best-Tasting Vegetables Fruits and Herbs for Today's Cook.


Heirloom Tomato Cookbook
Heirloom Tomato Cookbook

Whether you say ""to-may-to"" or you say ""to-mah-to chances are you'll agree there's nothing like the taste of a sun-ripened heirloom tomato. This book celebrates the heirlooms with recipes and great photos too!